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ICTO is an international academic association concerned with the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on organizations and society.






ICTO is a strategic alliance between small chapters of the region 2 of the AIS


ICTO 2020 is the sixth version of ICTO international conference that attracts multidisciplinary contributions on information systems from the areas of management information systems, computer science, security, digital transformation, big data analytics, data science, e-marketing, operation management and supply chain mainly submitted by international scholars;
Deadline for paper subission:                                                     Aug 20th,   2020

Application for the Doctoral Consortium                                                                                 Aug 20th,    2020

Doctoral Consortium:                                                                  Nov 5th,     2020 

ICTO2020 Conference                                                        Nov 5th and 6th, 2020


Latest accepted paper at ICTO2020

Selwa Elfirdoussi, Mohamed Lachgar, Hind Kabaili, Larbi Elfirdoussi, Abdelali Rochdi and Driss Goujdami. Impact de l’enseignement à distance lors de la pandémie COVID-19 : cas des universités marocaines

Samuel Fosso Wamba and Maciel M. Queiroz. Is Quantum Computing the Future of Electronic Commerce and Supply Chain: Unfreezing a Research Stream by a Bibliometric Analysis

Shweta Nanda. Adoption of Blockchain in Health Market: A Qualitative System Dynamics Model
Ghada Awada. Artificial Intelligence in Army Defense: Violation or Adherence to International Law

Karma Sherif and Mazen El-Masri. Reshaping Employee Perceptions of Electronic Performance Monitoring: A Subculture-Based Multi-Level Analysis

Elie Nasr and Marcel Affi. Identivision: A Facial Identification Venture Using ML Across Live Targeted Data from Social Media Websites


Charbel Chedrawi, Antoine Harfouche, Bachir Zoghbi and Nahil Kazoun. A Value Dominant Logic (VDL) Approach to the Cloud Computing Era: Evidence from IT service Providers in Lebanon

Osden Jokonya. Factors Affecting the Adoption of Emergent Technologies to Address Last-mile Delivery in the Retail Sector

Puzant Balozian. Antecedents of Switching to Alternate Social Media: A Unified Model

Osden Jokonya. Factors Affecting the Adoption of Financial Technology at Universities

John Oredo and Denis Dennehy. Predicting Freemium Users’ Intention to Migrate to Premium Personal Cloud Services: A Machine Learning Approach

Lina Ghaly. Artificial Intelligence contributions in raising awareness through Social Media and in detecting Fake News about Covid-19 virus
Mohamed Amine Marhraoui and Abdellah El Manouar. Digital Business Strategy and firm’s performance: the intermediary role of organizational agility

Yasmine Diab and Imed Ben Nasr. Digital Transformation and its Contribution to the Corporate Social Responsibility as a Sustainable Development Strategy within Organizations: A literature Review

Mohamed Amine Issami and Boukary Tandamba. Une Fintech Disruptive pour une finance Inclusive en Afrique : Rôle et Contribution du Mobile Money

Marroi Laaraj, Walid A. Nakara and Samuel Fosso Wamba. Le rôle des cabinets de conseil dans le déploiement des blockchains : une étude exploratoire


Enrico Cori, Daria Sarti and Teresina Torre. Enhancing inclusiveness through remote working: what happened during Covid-19 experience in Italy?

Thabo Sakasa and Tendani Mawela. Opportunities for AIOps in Higher Education Institutions

Rania Fakhoury and Bilal Chebaro. Mukhtar: A Human Intermediary Solution for E-government in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq?

Nada Soudi and Chraibi Soufiane. New Technologies to improve quality of Service and client experience of challengers offshore companies

Tetsuo Noda, Hao Wang and Li Zhang. Consideration for Estimating Economic Effect by Sharing Economy

Mousa Albashrawi and Nila Windasari. Does Gender Matter in Mobile Banking Loyalty?

Nizar Raissi. Does ISO 26000 and ISO 14001 Standards Influence Workers Psychology? A Cognitive Analytics Management as a strategic factor

Samrat Gupta and Amit Anand Tiwari. Network based Modelling and Analysis of Film Performance in the Indian Film Industry

Farzana Quayyum, Ilias Pappas and Letizia Jaccheri. Big Data Analytics for Social Innovation: An Exploratory Study
Ida Tognisse and Jules Degila. Factors to the Adoption of GSM Telephony in Rural Areas in west Africa 

Saradhi Motamarri, Shahriar Akater and Venakata Yanamandram. Big Data Analytics in Frontline Service Delivery

Hooria Hajiyan, Ahmad Alibabaei, Peyman Badakhshan and Michael Reiner Kamm. A DEMATEL-Fuzzy ANP Hybrid Method for Supplier Selection Based on IT Security Factors – Iranian Telecommunication Provider

Sabrina Bonomi, Laura Pentassuglia and Cecilia Rossignoli. Digital transformation and the pharmaceutical sector: an Italian overview

Mohammad Merhi. The Effect of Digital Transformation on Corruption: A Global Analysis

Jonas Kevin Samuel Moukolo, Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug and Samuel Fosso Wamba. Contribution of Analytics on Firm Performance: The moderating effect of the Organizational Culture

Inna Alexandrovna Gazieva, Alexey Viktorovich Baranov, Olga Vladimirovna Kotlyarova and Alexey Vasilievich Tagaev. Complex of Competencies as a Social Effect of Implementing Virtual Simulators in the Educational Process

May Sayegh and Nada Mallah. The impact of Social Commercial Platform on Entrepreneurship in a developing country

Charbel Chedrawi and Nahil Kazoun. Big Data and Security in the Health Sector From Co-creation to Co-destruction of Value: Evidence From the Lebanese Public Healthcare Sector

Nurudeen Ajayi and Patrick Ndayizigamiye. Providing Information Assurance among Trading Partners

Malayka Ghosh, Kevin Carillo, Ransome Bawack and Samuel Fosso-Wamba. Artificial Intelligence and the Travel and Tourism Industry: A Bibliometric Overview

Pasquale De Rosa, Luigi Laura and Marco De Marco. Service Recommendations with Deep Learning: a Study on Neural Collaborative Engines

Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou and Ilias Pappas. Streamlining Chatbot – Chat Agent Interaction: An Exploratory Study

Eleonora Veglianti, Yaya Li, Elisabetta Magnaghi and Marco De Marco. Social media in emergency situations: the case of COVID-19 in Wuhan

Abdulaziz Alghazi, Jun Shen, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Tingru Cui and Mengxiang Li. Strategic business-IT Alignment myths resolved or not yet? An exploratory study in public sector organizations in Saudi Arabia

Pedro Pimenta, Célio Carvalho and Joaquim P Silva. Business Performance Management Platform for SMEs

Jessy Nair and Mohith Kumar Jain. Unbanked to banked: Re-intermediation role of banks in e-government services for financial inclusion in Indian context

Constantine Xipolitopoulos, Maria Nefeli Nikiforos, Maria Malakopoulou and Adamantia Pateli. Success Factors for Crowd-funding Campaigns with Machine Learning Techniques

Kalinka Kaloyanova. Modelling Data Consistency in Electronic Healthcare Based on Standards

Jihane Aayale and Meriem Seffar. A Step Towards an Inclusive Digital Transformation of the Public Administration in a Developing Country: Evidence From Morocco.

Huay Ling Tay. Digital Transformations and Supply Chain Management: A Lean Six Sigma Perspective

Bissane Harb and Dina Sidani. Smart Technologies Challenges and Issues in Social Inclusion - Case of Disabled Youth in a Developing Country

Majid Saab Salamah and Saif Khalaf Attallah. Using a Data Analytics System for Enhancing Decision Making in power plants

Ahmed Idries and John Krogstie. Smart Contracts in Digital Platforms for providing new distributed renewable energy services

Mohammed A. Hajar, Daing Nasir Ibrahim, Mohd Ridzuan Darun and Mohammed A. Al-Sharafi. The Role of Emerging Technologies in Shaping the Value Innovation Aptitude to Generate Competitive Advantage and Sustainability    

Nilton Takagi and João Varajão. Success Management in Information Systems Projects

Dina Sidani, Eleonora Veglianti and Parisa Maroufkhani. Smart Cities for a Sustainable Social Inclusion Strategy – A Comparative Study between Italy and Malaysia

Amira Tawadros. A Computational Approach to Cultural Value Systems and Toleration

Natalia Bracarense, Ransome Epie Bawack, Samuel Fosso-Wamba and Kevin Daniel André Carillo. Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability: A Bibliometric Analysis and Future Research Directions

Stanka Uzunova, Kristina Kilova and Nonka Mateva. Application of Telemedicine in COVID-19 Conditions– Overview

Diego Padovan. Contact Tracing Tools and Social Media Platforms - Analysis of Crossing Big Data Sources


ICTO elected board (2019)

ICTO President

Toulouse Business School, France

ICTO secretary

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

ICTO Treasurer

Université Paris Nanterre

ICTO president elect

Université Catholique de Lille, France


Who is the President of ICTO?


ICTO past conferences



The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business and Society

Lille,  October 24 & 25, 2019

Golden Medal for lifetime achievement 2019

- During the ICTO 2019 conference, Prof. Detmar Straub  &  Prof.  Zahir Irani received the ICTO Golden Medal for their lifetime achievement

Past conferences



Artificial Intelligence in Security and Defence
Beirut,  March 26th - 29th 2019
Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Aoun, the Research and Strategic Studies Center (RSSC) in the LEBANESE ARMED FORCES is organizing a conference under the title of: “Artificial Intelligence in Security and Defence” (AISD 2019) on 26-27-28-29 March 2019 in Monroe Hotel – Beirut.

The Army Command - Research and Strategic Studies Center (RSSC) invites researchers, academics, specialists, and IT companies to participate in the submission of scientific and technical studies and research in various areas of smart and informational technology in the security and defence sectors, especially innovative and rigorously developed conceptual, empirical contributions, applications, and deployment strategy and requirements. It also encourages multi-disciplinary research focusing on Intelligence for national security and counter terrorism, cyber and traditional warfare, and logistics and support.
For people willing to participate, please click the following links:



ICTO2018  is

- 64 accepted  papers (from more than 92 papers reviewed)

- 8 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 16 received)

- 2  keynote speakers

- 2 roudtables with 6 participants each

- 40 Countries

ICTO2018 Conference proceedings


ICTO elected board (2018)

Honorific President

Pr Marco de Marco


Pr Charbel Chedrawi

Vice President

Pr Wesley Palmer


              Pr Hafiz Imtiaz Ahmad

Pr Dauxert Tatiana

Pr Raissi Nizar


Golden Medal for lifetime achievement 2018

- During the ICTO 2018 conference, Prof. Frantz Rowe received the ICTO Golden Medal for his lifetime achievement



ICT for a better life and a better world

ICTO2017 is

- 60 accepted  papers (from more than 86 papers reviewed)

- 5 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 10 received)

- 6 keynote speakers

- 2 roudtables with 6 participants each

- 26 Countries

- 144   reviewers

- 15000 total visits for the ICTO2017 Website (From Sep 2016 till March, 2017)



Special issue  (ICTO2017) 

International Journal of Services and Standards

Dr. Antoine Harfouche, University Paris Nanterre, France
Dr. Abbas Tarhini, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

ICTO2017 Conference proceedings

Springer Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation

ICTO elected board (2017)

During ICTO2017, ICTO members elected a new board composed of:
Past president
Prof Antoine Harfouche
Prof Marco De Marco

President Elec

Prof Fabrizio D'Ascebzo 


Prof Béatrice Bellini



Prof Charbel Chedrawi

Vice president for research

Prof Alice Robbin

Vice president for conferences
Prof Cinzia Dal Zotto
Vice president for conferences

Prof Rolande Marciniak


Golden Medal for lifetime achievement 2017

- During the ICTO 2017 conference, Prof. Nancy Pouloudi received the ICTO Golden Medal for her lifetime achievement


ICTO2017 Inaugural Plenary Session

Thursday March 16 -  01:30PM -04:00PM

Location: University Paris Nanterre - BLG B - Amphi B2

Inaugural speech 
Prof Peter Bednar

Keynote speakers

Prof Georges Aoun

Prof Kai S. Koong

Prof Paolo Spagnoletti

Prof Antoine Harfouche
Concluding remarks

Prof Maurizio Cavallari



ICTO2016 is:

    3 keynote speakers

    3 roudtables (with 3 presentations each)

    21 Countries (Algeria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, United States of America)

    140   reviewers

    46 accepted  papers (from more than 77 papers reviewed)

    6 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 13 received)

    10300 total visits for the ICTO2016 Website (since Sep 2015)

ICTO2016 conference was organized on March 3d and 4th, 2016 at the ISC de Paris
ICTO elected Board (2016)
During ICTO2016, ICTO members elected a new board composed of:

 President Elec

Prof Marco De Marco

President and Treasurer
Prof Antoine Harfouche
UPOND, France
General Secretary
Prof Imed Ben Nasr
 Groupe Sup De Co La Rochelle, France
General Secretary

Prof Karim Ben Slimane

ISC de Paris


Vice President for Research

Prof Abbas Tarhini
LAU, Lebanon

Vice President for Research

Prof Mokhtar Amami
Royal Military College of Canada

Vice President for conferences

Prof Jessie Pallud
EM Strasbourg, France
Vice President for conferences

Prof Cinzia Dal Zotto

Neuchâtel University


ICTO2016 conference proceedings

Springer Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation

The social relevance of the Organisation of Information Systems and ICT

Maurizio Cavallari

Antoine Harfouche


Golden Medal for lifetime achievement 2016

- During the ICTO 2016 conference, Prof. Michel Kalika received the ICTO Golden Medal for his lifetime achievement


ICTO 2015: The Past, Present, and Future of Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society

CTO2015 is:

- 30 accepted  papers (from more than 70 papers reviewed)

- 7 students applications accepted to the doctoral symposium (from 17 received)

- 3 keynote speakers

- 4 roudtables with 12 participants

13 Countries

103   reviewers

- 6408 total visits for the ICTO2015  Website (From June 20, 2014 till March 13, 2015)


ICTO2015 conference proceedings


Springer Book

"Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society: Past, Present and Future  Issues"

- Francesca Ricciardi and Antoine Harfouche selected the Best papers of the ICTO2015 conference in order to publish them in the Springer book  Lecturer Notes in Information Systems and Organisation.
The title for this volume will be: 

Golden Medal for lifetime achievement 2015

- During the ICTO 2015 conference, Prof. Marco De Marco received the ICTO Golden Medal for his lifetime achievement.