Information and Communication Technologies
in Organizations and Society

ICTO conferences

ICTO has organized four conferences:

- ICTO2018: In 2018, ICTO organizes an international conference in Paris at the University Paris  Nanterre at the Pole Léonard de Vinci at La Défense. ICTO2018 will take place on March 22d and  23d, 2018.
- ICTO2017: In 2017, ICTO organized an international conference in Paris at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. ICTO2017 took place on March 16th and  17th, 2017.

- ICTO2016: ICTO2016 was organized at ISC Paris Business School the March 3d - 4th, 2016.

- ICTO 2015: ICTO2015 was organized at ESCE Paris the March 12th and 13th, 2015.


Information and Communication Technologies for an inclusive world


ICT for a better life and a better world

ICTO2017 is

- 60 accepted  papers (from more than 86 papers reviewed)

- 5 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 10 received)

- 6 keynote speakers

- 2 roudtables with 6 participants each

- 26 Countries

- 144   reviewers

- 15000 total visits for the ICTO2017 Website (From Sep 2016 till March, 2017)


ICTO 2016

ICTO2016 Acceptance Rate   =  0.55

ICTO2016 is:

   50 accepted  papers (from more than 77 papers reviewed)

   6 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 13 received)

   3 keynote speakers

   2 roudtables (3 presentations each) with 6 participants

   20 Countries (Algeria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, United States of America)

   140   reviewers

   10300 total visits for the ICTO2016 Website (since Sep 2015)

ICTO organizes its second conference in Paris.
ICTO2016 attracts multidisciplinary contributions on information systems from the areas of organization, management, marketing, human resources, accounting, and supply chain mainly submitted by international scholars.

It is an international conference that characterizes itself as a venue that offers to author’s high quality discussion and feedback, good networking opportunities and competitive publication outlets, keeping at the same time a friendly atmosphere with strong connections with the international IS community.

ICTO 2015

CTO2015 is:

    3 keynote speakers

    4 roudtables (3 presentations each) with 12 participants

    13 Countries (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Austria, Singapore, Lebanon, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Slovakia, Oman)

    103   reviewers

    30 accepted  papers (from more than 70 papers reviewed)

    7 students applications accepted to the doctoral symposium (from 17 received)

 6408 total visits for the ICTO2015 Website (since June 2014)

      1068 monthly avg./ 1816 best month/ 237 weekly avg./1176 best week

      34 daily avg./  585 best day

The Past, Present, and Future of Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society

ICTO2015 deals with the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in shaping human activity in organizations and in society. ICTO2015 deals with these questions: What do we know about their design, their usage, and their impact?  What have we learned after all these years of research?

This conference is concerned with these ICTs, shedding light on how they were, how they are, and how they will be understood, adopted, adapted, and used within organizations and more generally, within the society as a whole.

The main focus will be on how actors understand the potential of ICTs to support organizational activities and hence how they adopt and adapt these technologies to achieve their goals.



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