Information and Communication Technologies
in Organizations and Society

ICTO Publication

Editors: Ricciardi, Francesca, Harfouche, Antoine (Eds.)
Provides a multidisciplinary view of the role of information and communication technologies in organizations, inter-organizational systems, and society

This book presents a collection of original research papers focusing on emerging issues regarding the role of information and communication technologies in organizations, inter-organizational systems, and society. It adopts an inter-disciplinary approach, allowing for the integration of contributions from various disciplines such as information systems, organizational studies, marketing, accounting, and social sciences. This book offers valuable insights not only for scholars, but also for practitioners, managers, and policy makers. The book is a compilation of the best research papers – originally double blind, peer-reviewed contributions – presented at the ICTO 2015 conference held in Paris.

Table of contents (22 chapters)

  • One-Stop Government in Italy and the Lebanon: When the Law Alone Is no Silver Bullet

    Castelnovo, Walter (et al.)

    Pages 3-21

  • Cloud Computing: Risks and Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility

    Patrignani, Norberto (et al.)

    Pages 23-32

  • The Electronic Health Record: A Comparison of Some European Countries

    Bonomi, Sabrina

    Pages 33-50

  • The Value of ICT Applications: Linking Performance, Accountability and Transparency in Public Administrations

    Scarozza, Danila (et al.)

    Pages 51-70

  • An Integrated Drugs Logistics Management System: A Case Study in the Healthcare Sector

    Pinna, Roberta (et al.)

    Pages 71-84

  • Smart City and ICT. Shaping Urban Space for Better Quality of Life

    Dameri, Renata Paola

    Pages 85-98

  • A Framework of Mechanisms for Integrating Emerging Technology Innovations in IT Services Companies

    Badr, Nabil Georges

    Pages 101-123

  • Relating ICT to Organizational Change in Research and Practice

    Sadok, Moufida (et al.)

    Pages 125-139

  • e-Business Assimilation Levels in Lebanon

    El Rassi, Mary Ann B. (et al.)

    Pages 141-160

  • Supply Chain Management and the Role of ICT: DART-SCM Perspective

    Aiello, Lucia (et al.)

    Pages 161-176

  • How Subjective Age and Age Similarity Foster Organizational Knowledge Sharing: A Conceptual Framework

    Lazazzara, Alessandra (et al.)

    Pages 177-190

  • Information Technologies and Quality Management. Towards a New Idea of Quality?

    Torre, Teresina

    Pages 191-204

  • Acquihiring: A New Process for Innovation and Organizational Learning

    Fantasia, Roberta

    Pages 205-214

  • The Optimization of the HRM at the “LSCA” in an Economy with Delay in Modernization of Systems

    Chammaa, Claude

    Pages 215-231

  • The Brand Website as a Means of Reviving Memories and Imaginary

    Nasr, Imed Ben (et al.)

    Pages 235-248

  • Location Privacy Apprehensions in Location-Based Services Among Literate and Semi-literate Users

    Chua, Wen Yong (et al.)

    Pages 249-262

  • Towards an Ontology for Enterprise Interactions

    Baghdadi, Youcef

    Pages 263-275

  • Employer Branding and Social Media Strategies

    El Zoghbi, Eliane (et al.)

    Pages 277-283

  • The Business with Digital Signage for Advertising

    Bauer, Christine (et al.)

    Pages 285-302

  • Trust, but Verify: The Role of ICTs in the Sharing Economy

    Dakhlia, Sami (et al.)

    Pages 303-311

  • Internet Service Providers: The Italian Scenario

    Bellini, Francesco (et al.)

    Pages 313-327

  • ICT and Retail: State of the Art and Prospects

    Pederzoli, Daniele